BR Heir Afires

Afires Heir x BR Mydestiny

2008 PB Bay Gelding

Youth National Champion English Pleasure. Easy temperament and exceptional show ring manners.

Ames City Slicker+

Brass x Alpha PHA

2001 HA Chestnut Gelding

US National Champion. Solid in the show ring for youth or amateur rider.

Antares Afire

Afire Bey V x EA Eternity

2007 PB Bay Gelding

Excellent temperament. National level English potential. Fluid round motion. Suitable for youth or amateur rider.

CS Swingtown

Cytosk +++ x ROL Kristy Alley

2004 PB Chestnut Gelding

National quality English horse. Beautiful round trot and exceptional work ethic. Sutitable for youth or amateur rider.



Madison Nationals

Scorch Nationals

Star Scottsdale